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This Is what Johns Clients have to say about him…

Helen Bennett (19/03/12)

6 years ago today when i broke my back!! How time flies. Never thought i’d be doing all the stuff i’m doing these days when i was lying in bed for 4 months :-) Thanks to Mr John Machin my back is getting even stronger!

Glenis and Doug Coppock. (Bollington)

“Since starting your Corrective Exercise Programme for Enhanced Posture only two months ago we have both been impressed by the improvement in our posture and the increased flexibility of our joints.

We appreciate the care you took in compiling this comprehensive programme, especially tailored to address the problems you found in our initial assessment and we look forward to continuing to benefit from your expert advice in the future.”

Suzanne Wheeler (Gawsworth)

To be honest, I had never been a fan of exercise but at the same time I wasn’t particularly happy that I had put on weight over the last couple of years! When my Husband recommended John to me as a personal trainer, I thought I would give it a go because without a trainer, I would likely join a gym reluctantly and then hardly ever use it or get anywhere.

After the first month with John I was overwhelmed with my results, I had lost ten and a half inches of fat from my body just in time for my holiday to Cyprus. John even bought me a bottle of champagne because he said he was “extremely impressed with the effort I had put into our sessions over the last month”.

John really supported me along the way by seriously addressing the problems I had with my nutrition

and making me push myself in our sessions. I would even go as far as to say that I enjoyed the weight programs that we went through!

John doesn’t just address the problem, he addresses the person and tailors the session to make it work for you, I would highly recommend John as a trainer to anyone who needs motivating and expects fast results.

Dave Potier (Withington, Manchester) 

John Machin is the most intelligent, dedicated and enthusiastic personal trainer I have ever come across! I have been working with John for around 9 months now and his depth and breadth of knowledge has helped me dramatically improve my fitness and help overcome long term injuries I have had. The range and variety of exercises John knows means he is constantly improving and evolving his classes. I’ve never had two classes of John’s that were the same! John’s additional knowledge in corrective exercise and diet mean he is in the unique position to offer a complete programme to offer help to anyone with just about any question or complaint about their exercise regime. I cannot recommend John highly enough!

 Tom Perry (25, Congleton) 

After quitting smoking at the end of my teenage years I had ballooned from 12st to 16st in a matter a few years. Becoming more and more unhappy with my weight and general state of fitness (or lack thereof) I joined one gym after another searching for some routine or programme which would solve all my problems and get me exactly where I wanted to be.
After a couple of years and countless hours in the gym I found I wasn’t getting anywhere near the results I had hoped for so inevitably my confidence and will-power dropped through the floor. Any progress I made was quickly taken back by poor diet and severe lack of exercise.
Only after I began to get health related complications, primarily due to my weight and lifestyle I decided to go for it 100% and get what I wanted.

I  joined a local gym and requested I have a circuit set out for me with one of the fitness instructors. This is where I first met John. I was half expecting just to be shown around a few machines, given some weights to throw around and otherwise be left to my own devices as had happened so many times before. With John this was not the case. When we met for our first session we spent the first half an hour just chatting about what I wanted to achieve.

John knew exactly how I would best lose weight and decided that a typical cardio workout in the gym would not see the results I would want and instead opted for a challenging H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) Programme that he had recently attended an intensive course on. This was by way and far much more beneficial to me than a normal run on a treadmill as the programme was tailored individually to my strengths and weaknesses.

John prides himself on not just getting a person on the right track, but he takes it as a challenge unto himself to get the most out of his clients.

This shows when you see his face light up when you tell him;

“Oh, I’ve lost another kilo”


“I’ve lost 2 inches”

Since teaming up with John, he has given me unbiased, unparalleled, consistent and professional advice ranging from an appropriate diet to how to prevent old injuries from reoccurring.

John is truly dedicated to his clients and the service he provides. The courses he runs are very challenging and even when working with large groups of people he always tailors every session to each individual. He knows when someone has something left in the tank and will make you… make yourself dig it out. He isn’t bossy, intimidating or unfair. He doesn’t have an arrogant, patronising personality that i have had previous experience with, he just expects you to show him how hard you can push yourself and find out what you’re capable of for yourself.

When I first sat down with John (June) I was 222lbs, with a 46 inch waist and no muscles to speak of. I had set a personal goal of being 180lbs by the new year. It has only been 6 weeks since we I started training and already I am 20lbs lighter, I feel healthier than I have in years, I now have noticeable muscle definition over my back, shoulders and legs, I have dropped 5 inches around my waist and have had to buy a new belt for the first time in nearly 4 years!! My double chin disappeared within days of training too!

John truly is scholar and a gentleman and possibly a real life miracle worker.

 Helen Evans (Macclesfield) 

I am a competing member of Macclesfield Harriers AC, and as such have trained regularly for the past 10 years. I had a good standard of fitness when I began to train with John, having competed regularly in half marathons and other endurance events. John encouraged me to embark on a strength and conditioning programme which rapidly caused me to lose weight, tone up and improve my performance. I reduced my personal best time over a half marathon by 7mins, putting me regularly in the top 5 and I am now beginning to win races. I have also become a stronger and more confident competitor.

Stephanie Crank (Macclesfield)

“Hi John,

Thank you for the class yesterday – I really enjoyed myself. I have to admit I was quite apprehensive before the class as I haven’t been able to do much exercise since the crash and was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up! But you ensured we were all at a comfortable pace and I really appreciated your extra help with some of the stretches I was struggling with!

I will definitely be coming to the next class on the 10th Aug.

Many Thanks!


Lucia Milone (Macclesfield)  

After finally motivating myself to join the gym, I met John who instinctively knew I was one of the many yoyo dieters who work hard in the gym but rarely see lasting effects. After just 4 weeks training with him, I feel invigorated and now look forward to going to the gym for a worthwhile workout, from which I have been seeing immediate effects. John has not only helped me in getting the most out of my time in the gym, he has taught me how to eat sensibly between training sessions and how to benefit most from not only using muscles throughout the sessions but in everyday activities such as walking and general posture. I am overall a much more energetic, happier person, which has in turn improved my social and family life! Thank you John!

Graham Cooper (Bollington) 

Knowing John Machin since school I decided to book a Personal Training session with him as soon as he qualified. Over the past months using his knowledge of the fitness industry he’s not only helped me change my diet but change the way I work out. He has pushed me harder and longer to achieve my goals even through injury. I’ve become stronger, fitter and my recovery time has halved between sets. I would recommend John to anybody looking to improve their fitness. He’s a very friendly adaptable person who is honest and hardworking so that you can reach your goals in a quick and safe way.

Christina Smith (Wigan) 

I have been visiting my local gym for the past 5 years and have always enjoyed exercise.  Because of this I didn’t think a personal trainer would be able to offer me anything I didn’t already know.  How wrong I was! Within the first hour John showed me lots of different exercises that would help me attain maximum results in the shortest amount of time.  He also explained to me why I had not been getting the results I expected from the gym over the past few years.

Not only did he help me with my exercise regime but he showed me stretches and movements that would help me with my ongoing back problem.

I would definitely recommend John as a personal trainer, whatever level of fitness you have or are trying to achieve!

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