Keep it simple, do what works!

Watch the video and then read on:

Looks impressive doesn’t it, great choreography, complex looking exercises and don’t forget all those girls are in killer shape, so it must be a supper effective work out right??
If you have a trainer they might have even seen this hot new program, they might even use it with you on your next session! After all shouldn’t a good Personal Trainer be constantly researching the best new techniques and programs in order to give you the best possible service?

The key phrase there was “a good Personal Trainer”

Looking back at the video you will see these exercise variations are all very easy when compared to a traditional alternative like a press up. In actual fact a half press-up done from the knees is more demanding than the stairs version we demonstrated in our video. The other Key point is there is no intensity in this protocol. The time between each press up or each squat is large because of the choreography. This basically is aerobics dressed up to look like calisthenics and strength training.
If you have time go back and re watch the first video, particularly the lady in orange:
You might find what initially looked impressive is actually just a bunch of girls prancing around…  do you think this is how they got themselves in shape? Im pretty confident  it wasn’t!
Its increasing common for trainers to copycat what they see others do (online or other wise) without going through the thought process for themselves as to why the program has been designed in the way it has been presented. Perhaps this has a use, I’m sure its fun easy and anyone can try it. But I couldn’t get great results with it so its not even worth my clients time!
In terms of marketing, these are all attractive women with desirable body shapes moving in time to music. This is amplified by the fact that they move as a group, one person doing a stupid dance looks well, stupid. But if four people all do the same thing in time suddenly it looks kinda good. The fact that more people are doing it provides some sort of credibility. I might post a video on this soon.
Any ways, we at MACHINES thought you might find this interesting, if you did, let us know!

A Brand New 2018 Timetable

We at MACHINES are super excited to reveal our new timetable of Group Personal Training sessions. Our latest timetable boasts 20 bespoke sessions each week that are always tailored to our clients needs. With average coach to client ratios of 1:5 no one does Group PT like we do!