Sarah Carter-Lumb

Sarah Carter Lumb NASM CPT

Sarah became a fully certified personal trainer in 2016 after undertaking a 2 year mentorship program under John Machin the Director of Machines.

Her Certification is with one of the most prestigious academies in the fitness industry NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) which is the Preferred Personal Trainer Certification program at Machines, and an industry gold standard.

Sarah has an excellent level of experience owing to the fact that she has worked with our director as a client for over 2 years. In this time she has learned first hand what is required to transform a clients health and fitness.

Sarah specialises in improving posture, injury prevention and rehabilitation. By correcting muscle imbalances and working closely with clients on their nutrition she is able to help clients reshape their body and maximise its performance. If you want a body that looks great and performs she’s your coach!

Sarah now works along side the Director of Machines (John Machin) and is considered to be one of only a few coaches who we would feel absolutely comfortable to provide cover for our classes and clients.

Sarah currently has a limited number of slots available for 1:1 appointments should you require a Coach that consistently delivers results!


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