Johns GPT

Emerging from a highly scientific background, I only use training methods that are scientifically proven to be incredibly effective. All my classes are inspired by the latest research in sports science which puts them on the cutting edge of what is possible in a group exercise environment!

For more information on 1:1 training, contact me directly.

I have three Group Personal Training (GPT) products which will specifically address the needs of most individuals. Due to a high demand please contact me directly to book your place!

CEXC (the corrective exercise class). Designed to alleviate postural distortions, increase flexibility, mobility and reduce pain within the body. 

After been sold out for the last 6 months we finally have 4 places available!

Metafit, A 30 min class which is state of the art with regard to the latest research in sports science and medicine. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) session can be done by anyone at any level and literally anyone form a complete beginner to an olypic athlete will get great results from metafit because you get out of it what you put in. HIIT is proven to elevate the metabolism for 24-36 hrs after exercise, meaning you will be burning more calories even while you sleep!

Limited places available Tue 19:00-19:30 and Sun 09:00-09:30 Club AZ macclesfield

Extreme Bootcamp, forget everything you have ever seen or heard about bootcamps, we are very, very different! we will not be shouting in your face and we won’t be giving you endless press ups and sit-ups in a dressed up circuits class. Our bootcamp is not about preparing you for war, its quite simply group personal training outdoors! Incorporating techniques from CEXC and Metafit as well as specific strength conditioning work, our bootcamp has proven to be one of the most diverse fitness solutions on the market. Having achieved everything from 20lb weight loss in six weeks to rehabilitating a broken back after a snowboarding accident!

The Outdoor circuits (OC) Wednesday 19:30-20:15 situated at Tesco Macclesfield

Machines Indoor Bootcamp (MIB) Saturday 08:45-09:30 situated at AstraZeneca Hulleys Macclesfield

If you want to know more about any of the above products, get in touch and I would be happy to help!

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