John Machin

John Machin MChem, MPhil, NASM-CPT-CES, Pn2


John has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade now, in this time he has made a dramatic impact on the local area and his influence on current trends in fitness is far reaching.

As a coach John is incredibly intuitive when it comes to finding the most effective approach for his clients by staying at the fore front of the industry. John was one of the very first Metafit instructors in the UK and was heavily involved in popularising this training modality in the north west of England. He was also among the first to pioneer the Personal training studio model demonstrating how much more effective it could be than a traditional gym. This paved the way for a new generation of trainers many of which have looked to replicate his model with varying levels of success.

Johns latest venture has been to open a mega studio in Congleton. As a functional fitness playground for people of all ages, his latest studio includes climbing walls, Ninja warrior obstacles as well as a fully loaded gym. Its the first of its kind but John predicts it wont be the last!

John attributes his incredibly effective, fresh and unique approach to Personal Training to the fact that he was mentored personally by Diane Youdale (Jet from Gladiators) and Andy McGlynn (LSF-PT) who are two of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry. John continues to hone his craft by seeking out mentors at the forefront of the industry like Paul Chek, John Berardi, Elliott Hulse and Douglas Heel

As one of the Northwest’s busiest and most sort after trainers, John needed to set up Machines in order to help more clients. By carefully selecting and personally mentoring other like minded elite trainers, John is able to expand the number of people that he can help with services ran from his studios.

In addition to managing his own personal training business, John is also the Training Director at Machin Exercise Studios ltd.

John Specialises in

Body Transformations, as a Precision Nutrition level 2 Coach Johns results speak for themselves.

Corrective Exercises that improve postural issues to increase functionality and reduce pain for the client.

Instant muscle activation for changes in flexibility and strength that are instant.

Body weight only training programs that elevate the body’s metabolism for high caloric expenditure, (rapid fat reduction and toning of muscles).

Most Prestigious Qualifications and skills

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Level one (Pn1)

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Level two (Pn2)

Metafit Bodyweight Only Training System

Vitality Performance Reconditioning practitioner (ViPR)

Be activated level 1

Be activated Level 2

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