How to book

Want to book a session? Just head to the Contact us now section and drop us an email or give us a call.

The best way to secure a session at our open gym is to book in advance. However, please note that we may be with clients in sessions so are not always able to respond immediately. In any case bookings are only secure upon you receiving conformation from us.

Currently we are not taking deposits for bookings and your session slot is only secured subject to you arriving onsite 5 mins before your booking time. If you are not available by the time of your booking then we will release that booking to any walk ins we may have.

It is not essential to book ahead of time, but it is the only way to avoid disappointment.

Things you should know

The activities you will take part in at Machin Exercise Studios carry an inherent risk. It is important that you have attended a safety briefing either on the day of your booking or in the last 6 months. No participant will be allowed onto the course without having first attended a briefing.

We want you to be fully aware of the risks involved in your training, and the fact that you take full responsibility for your own safety during participation in any training at MACHINES. All participants must fully read and sign the waiver below in order to participate in any event at MACHINES.

Click to view and print Machines Waiver

TIP: Save time, complete at home and hand in on arrival!

want to book a session? Contact us now!

The safety briefing:

A guided tour around the facility lead by one of our elite coaches. During the tour your coach will discuss best practices for using the obstacles and equipment at MACHINES. This will not only allow you to get the most out of your session, but also minimise the chances of you receiving an injury. You only need to attend one of these briefings every 6 months in order to use our facility. However, you can ask your coach for advice at any time if you are ever unsure or would like advice. Furthermore, it is possible to attend a masterclass with much more in-depth training.

When do they happen?

We dedicate the first 10 mins of your sessions to BRIEFLY go over the major safety points and how to use our equipment. Some obstacles require specific additional training and or a spotter to be used safely. Your coach will make you aware of what you are able to use on your session and point out any equipment that requires further training. Each client has a file detailing the training they have received, if you have already done your basic training you can proceed directly into your session. If however you have not received training for an obstacle you will not be allowed to use it until such training has been completed. Want to book a session?

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Can I be taught how to use the advanced obstacles?

Yes! you can book a masterclass sessions where we show you how to use the more advanced kit like “THE DEATH WHEEL”. During these workshops we will comprehensively walk you through how to use each bit of kit at MACHINES. You will have the opportunity to test out the obstacles / equipment and have any questions you have answered.

Think of these sessions as personal training in Ninja Warrior. They can be booked with any member of the MACHINES team subject to availability. Contact us now!

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