Graham Cooper

Graham Cooper NASM CPT-CES Pn1
Graham became a fully certified personal trainer in 2012 after undertaking a 2 year mentorship program under the Director of Machines.
His Certification is with one of the most prestigious academies in the fitness industry NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) which is the Preferred Personal Trainer Certification program at Machines, and an industry gold standard.

Graham now works along side the Director of Machines (John Machin) and is now considered one of only a few coaches who we would feel absolutely comfortable to provide cover for our classes and clients.

Graham has a passion for obstacle course races, marathons and most running events. If you share similar interests Graham will be able to show you ways to maximise your performance.
Graham currently has a limited number of slots available for 1:1 appointments should you require a trainer that consistently delivers results!

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