In an ideal world the corrective Exercise Class is the first class you should be attending when you start to work with us. In my entire career I have never met anyone with perfect posture who would not benefit from this class.

 In this group personal training session, we look at your individual posture and determine which muscles for you are tight and or overactive. We also determine which muscles are weak or underactive. With this information we can work together to balance out your own posture, which will then go onto effect every aspect of your life!

Many people don’t realise that if they are exercising with poor posture that:

  1. They are much more likely to gain an injury
  2. They will not be moving efficiently so the effectiveness of the exercise they are doing will be greatly reduced!
  3. Carrying neuromuscular stress is likely to affect your hormone balance; some folks really struggle to lose fat because of stress.
  4. The posture of your body dramatically affects the way you look and feel, simple improvements to posture will make you look taller and more athletic whilst simultaneously help your body to work properly. Put simply flexibility work boost results.
  5. Exercising without a flexibility program will usually lead to more muscle soreness and potentially injury.

This workshop will teach you lifelong skills to address your physical and mental wellbeing.

Limited spaces available (booking is essential to avoid disappointment)


You might have come across this class before but we are willing to bet it wont have been anything like how we run it!

This is an indoor group personal training class, we work with up to 10 people in a short and high paced class focused on body fat reduction.

We run this class with low numbers because the results are vastly superior when you get our full attention, and as professionals we are most concerned with getting you the result you want, NOT filling the room!

Each session lasts for only 30 mins but what we cram into that time is quite special!

The latest research suggests that it’s not actually how long you are exercising for but rather what you are doing and how intense it is. Simply put Metafit will make your body burn fat at an elevated level for 24-36 hours after the class!

What’s more, because your instructor is an advanced exercise coach who specialises in body transformations and corrective exercise, the training can be entirely tuned to match your capabilities and desired goals.

Limited spaces available (booking is essential to avoid disappointment)

The OC

The Outdoor circuits concept in the way that MACHINES presents it is very unique to us. Something we noticed was that the competitiveness, camaraderie and ability to play and enjoy exercise as we all did as children is actually very much alive in us adults.

The OC provides challenges and team games alongside individual efforts in what is the most social and supportive exercise setting in Macclesfield that we know of!

It’s like gladiators meets it’s a knock out but the result of attendance is a body transformation that you wont believe!

This is one of our most popular classes, ran with two of the most elite Personal Trainers in the country. To understand what it’s all about you really have to give it a try. No prior exercise experience is necessary and this class has a free trial option! (Subject to availability)

Limited spaces available (booking is essential to avoid disappointment)

MIB (MACHINES Indoor Bootcamp)

The MIB mixes principles of high intensity interval training like that seen in metafit with the strength endurance elements used in the OC.  The result is a class that caters for those who want to lower their body fat percentage whilst sculpting their muscles. Essentially this class is designed to make you look athletic!

Limited spaces available (booking is essential to avoid disappointment)

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