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Machin Exercise Studios is proud to support its chosen charity the Alzheimer’s Society.

Last year we raised over £1300 using Charity events. Could we do more this year? You can help us today by sponsoring us at the following link.

 How our charity measurement events work

At the beginning of the year many people make fitness related promises to themselves. Unfortunately, far too often these promises are broken, partly because we don’t make ourselves accountable and or we don’t really know how to keep ourselves on the right tracks.

We offer a measurement service which drastically improves your chances of succeeding in keeping your resolution this year, read on for more info!

The next event will be Saturday 25th January at Beartown Fitness Congleton

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2011, 2012, 2013 2014 New Years Resolution Get Fit!!

Is your new years resolution the same as last year, and the year before??

One small thing that makes a HUGE difference in whether you will keep your promise is if you make yourself accountable.

This year Machin Exercise Studios are working with the local community to help you keep promises, we know it drastically increase your chances of success!

If you have promised to lose weight or get fit we are doing a series of charity assessment open days.

You can choose to have

  • Before/after style pictures taken
  • Circumference measurements
  • Body weight recorded
  • Fitness assessments
  • Body fat percentage measurement
  • Lab grade Body fat percentage measurement via ultrasound (limited availability)*

*Machines are one of only a very few private studios in the UK to measure body fat by ultrasound. This is the most accurate way to determine body fat percentage outside of a lab. Most gyms use bioelectric impedance, which can be as inaccurate as ±9% unless testing conditions are identical! Find out why we care far less about weight than we do your body fat percentage!


BIA Accuracy ± 10%

Slinde F, Rossander-Hulthén L (October 2001). “Bioelectrical impedance: effect of 3 identical meals on diurnal impedance variation and calculation of body composition”. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 74 (4): 474–8. PMID 11566645. “percentage of body fat varied by 8.8% from the highest to the lowest measurement in women and by 9.9% from the highest to the lowest measurement in men

 The details

We ask that each participant make a donation to the Alzheimer’s society (minimum £15) to have the initial measurements done.

In addition to this you should pledge an amount (of your choosing) that you will donate should you not deliver on your promise!

This will make a massive difference to the chances of success. Of course, we hope that no one has to back up his or her pledge; it is simply there to encourage success! (The bigger the pledge the stronger the motivation)

This is why we ask for the upfront donation of £15, the Alzheimer’s Society do incredible work not only for those suffering from the onset of dementia but for the family members who need support.

The last time MACHINES did a charity event like this we raised £1300 for the Alzheimer’s Society! We would be delighted if we could raise any where near that amount of money again!

If you want to do something that helps a very worthy charity whilst simultaneously increases your chances of keeping your New Years Resolution, then please book an appointment slot on our MACHINES Charity assessment day!

Contact :

John Machin MChem, MPhil, NASM-CPT-CES

Machin Exercise Studios

Pickford St Mill


SK11 6JD


What are your chances of success when you sign up to a gym contract??

80% of people will put losing weight and or getting fit in their top 5 things to achieve in 2014. Although many of these promises start out well, all to often they are easily broken.

In January a great many people join a gym in hopes of losing weight and toning up but In reality only 13.4 % have managed to keep up the three sessions per week after six months have passed and a staggering 43.7% have dropped their attendance to as little as less than four times per month! In the fitness industry a gym would consider these members effectively “dropped out” with a low prospect of retention.


Winning the retention battle, Fitness Industry Association, 2001 

I Suppose for you to be getting anything meaningful out of the gym you probably need to go at least <8 times per month (28.7% achieve this), which means that 71.3% don’t get much out of the gym at all! Its common knowledge in the fitness industry that gym memberships are only so cheap over the 12 months because the 80% that don’t go are subsidising the 20% that do!

This is why I left gyms and started my own studio, I couldn’t hack the 71% failure rate, it didn’t seem fair. I now only work 1:1 and with small group personal training courses. What makes this so successful is that my clients are actively coached, monitored and held accountable. A gym member can be pretty much be anonymous and easily be allowed to lose their way.

If you want to find out how all my clients get fantastic results, (many of which with NO commercial gym membership) then get in contact.

You will be glad you did, many people would need to work for years doing what the currently do in the gym, just to get the results we can get in a couple of months!

Time is too precious to waste plodding on a treadmill getting nowhere!!

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