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    At Machin Exercise Studios we are committed to getting our clients the best possible results.

    Working with us means working with world-class trainers and coaches who are amongst the most highly qualified and experienced in the industry.

    We design programs that fit YOUR lifestyle.

    Why not contact us today to find out why our program is the last you’ll ever need!

    Call us on 07532 148431 to see how we can help you.

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    Not everyone looks forward to going to the gym… but not everyone trains at MACHINES!

    Step foot into our gym and unlock your inner child. Make fitness fun again and rediscover your love for physical activity!

    Call us on 07532 148431 to see how we can help you.

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A Brand New 2018 Timetable

We at MACHINES are super excited to reveal our new timetable of Group Personal Training sessions. Our latest timetable boasts 20 bespoke sessions each week that are always tailored to our clients needs. With average coach to client ratios of 1:5 no one does Group PT like we do!